Are you a fitness, wellness or lifestyle SME?

Take the leg-work (and guesswork) out of your content strategy.

Your businesses complete content solution

Content strategy, creation and promotion that gets results

Done right, inbound marketing delivers three time the leads of outbound at 62% of the price. 

It’s the perfect strategy for smaller businesses looking to level the playing field against competitors with much larger marketing budgets. 

But you’ve only got so many hours in the day.

Paying for adverts seems like the safer play. It seems lower maintenance. It’s what you know. 

Totally understandable. 

When I take care of your content strategy, creation, and promotion, I get Google working for you and leave you to concentrate on what you do best. 

Together we work out your business goals, then I do what it takes to get you there.

I research exactly what your customers are searching for online- their pain points, the questions they are asking, in and around your product/service- then we give it to them.

Quality content that answers their questions, establishes your authority and wins their trust. 

That separates you from your competition, in a way that draws the attention of the search engine’s algorithms and shoots you up the organic (ie. free/ unpaid) search results.

Search engines look for signals of value, trustworthiness and authority when they decide which order to rank the sites to their readers, and that’s exactly what we give them.

Content readers stay on longer. Content they voluntarily share. Content other authority sites link to.

These are the signals Google looks for and the signals Google rewards.

Not just any old tatt, to fill a page and get something out there. There’s enough of that as it is. 

Search engines know 90%+ of the content they house is drivel, but they are very willing to reward that 10% who make the effort. 

They know it is that 10% that keep the searchers coming back with their enquiries and the businesses coming back with their advertising money.

The more quality content you provide, the more authority you gain in the eyes of the search engines, the more authority they give ALL your site and ALL your subsequent content.

The more free traffic they send your site every month.

The gift that keeps on giving.

Unlike ads- where they turn off the tap when you stop giving them their cut- these blogs are assets that will keep paying off for years to come. Long after you stop paying me!

The benefits compound and the growth is exponential. 

  • increased traffic
  • increased sales
  • increased brand awareness and loyalty
  • a one-time investment for assets that work for you 24/7
  • content you can re-purpose on your social media channels

It’s NOT a quick fix. It does neither of us any good for me to pretend otherwise.

It’s like going to the gym or meditating once or twice. It’s better than nothing, sure. Better than sitting on your hands.

But it is consistent effort that brings the greatest rewards.

3 times the leads of outbound marketing. 62% of the cost. The stat so good I dropped it in twice. 

And this is how we do it…

Get Google working for YOU

If you want to put an end to “publish and pray” and start getting some proper ROI from your content marketing, give me a call.

I will give you a FREE website audit and no-obligation consultation.

I’m no silver-tongued salesman, as you’ll find out when you call. I’m friendly, honest and direct. We’ll have a quick chat about where your business is and where you want it to be. Then, if it’s feels like we’re a good fit, we can see about getting you there…

Our Packages

1. One-And-Done

I deliver a blog on the topic of your choice. Fully-researched, professionally-written and ready for you to copy-and-paste onto your website.

  • Written in the tone-of-voice of your choosing
  • Includes SEO title, meta-description,  images and  infographics 
  • PLUS list of recommends backlink targets

Standard price for 1,500 word blog is £150

2. Coaches 6 month Site Success Plan

If you prefer to do the content yourself…

I provide a six-month content strategy, that includes:

  1. A site audit to ensure you are optimised for the search engines including local SEO.
  2. Competitor and current content analysis: seeing where your strenghts and weaknesses are; gaps you need to plug and successes you need to double-down on.
  3. Keyword research into the demands of your sector and your client base.
  4. A 26-blog content calendar that tells you what you need to write about, including the recommended word count, keywords to include, titles and meta-descriptions.
  5. A list of recommended backlink targets for each article.

The 6-Month Site Success Plan is £600

3. "Be Found" For Businesses: All-In Content Package

This is the crucial bit many leave out.

As well as ensuring your content is promoted properly with your existing audience (via newsletters, emails, social media), I promote it to influential figures in your sector, to share with their readership too. When you have content of genuine value to their readers too, they are happy to share it for you.  

This is arguably THE most crucial signifier to Google’s algorithms of your content’s value, trustworthiness, and authority.

It’s the one factor most SME’s don’t appreciate or properly utilise. And it can be the difference between your campaign’s success and failure.

"A friend recommended Pete to me, and I'm glad they did!"

A friend recommended Pete to me and I’m glad they did. The first time I’ve used a professional copywriter, in fact. We’ve seen a real jump in website traffic and customer engagement.

After we sorted the brief I just left him to it.

And he didn’t cost a fortune either!

Adam Cox, owner of

1. First Step

First, I’ll do a technical audit of your site: see how it’s looking now, what’s working, where the room for improvement is. We’ll discuss that in our consultation. In fact, you’ll have some free takeaways there, whether you proceed with my content marketing or not.

If you do, I’ll give you a questionnaire to establish your goals for the campaign.

Then, after analysing your competitors and researching your audience’s needs, I’ll devise a strategy- in line with your business goals- to meet them. The most effective content and topics. How long and how often.

 A targeted, intentional, data-driven approach.

2. Second Step

I then research and write copy that meets your reader’s needs, which I deliver it to you, ready to copy-and-paste onto your site. Including meta title, meta description, photo’s and infographics. The whole kit and kaboodle.

It’s the longer-form pieces that separate you from your rivals, showcasing your authority to Google and your audience.

Copy that answers the questions your readers are actually asking, in a way that appeals to them. Establishing your authority, trustworthiness and indispensability (yes, it’s a word!) with every passing article.

All-the-while, being recognised by search engines for their signals of genuine value: more readers, reading for longer. More shares and links. Which they reward by ushering you up their organic rankings. Which brings you more readers, reading for longer. More shares and links.

And, rinse and repeat…

3. Third Step

After we publish your content, I then promote it to get those precious backlinks.

Building relationships with influencers in your sector. Building your brand awareness. Maximising the ROI from these new assets of yours.

This is arguably THE most crucial signifier to Google’s algorithms of your content’s value, trustworthiness, and authority.

It’s the one factor most SME’s don’t appreciate or properly utilise. And it can be the difference between your campaign’s success and failure.

"wonderfully creative...flexible and efficient"

Pete has been great to work with, he is wonderfully creative, able to come up with his own new ideas as well as working with ours. He is both flexible and efficient, always there when needed to give us a boost, he has helped us with some fresh social media content as well as our blog. We would definitely recommend working with Pete.

Abi Young- Cats Protection, Fund-raising Mass Participation Officer

I’ll take the hassle and the guesswork out of your content marketing, and get Google working for YOU.